Music Transcription Services

Why transcribe?

A few years in to my teaching career, I realised most tabs on Ultimate-guitar, and any music I had received from friends and colleagues had errors. Sometimes, these errors made the pieces unplayable, had passages of music in the wrong key or were plain missing parts of the music. I decided that when helping my students learn something, they should definately be learning from the 'correct' music!

I learned how to transcribe music, and found it was something I enjoyed, and now I'm adept an musical transcription. I picked the skill up rather easily, but many people don't and as such, I've helped people out by transcribing for them.


I charge by the minute of audio, instead of an hourly rate. This way, you can price the job yourself, there's no surprises when it comes to delivery and if the job takes longer than expected, we have already agreed on a price.

£20 per minute of audio with a minimum fee of £10. This fluctuates with the difficulty of the job. If you are looking for extremely difficult jobs, it'll be a little more, easier jobs a little less.

Payment is upfront and in full, as I've had people not pay for work!

I can then deliver the work to you as a .gp, .gpx, .pdf, or Sibelius file.

All work provided for is for non-commercial use.