Reviews from Students


Reviews From Guitar Students

As a player of over 5 years I felt frustrated with my progress and unable to take my playing to the next level. Fraser was immediately able to identify specific flaws in my technique as well as gaps in my theoretical knowledge that opened my eyes and linked the entire experience together, something you won’t find on YouTube. His approach is all-encompassing; theoretical and technical concepts that when approached in isolation seemed confusing, intimidating or unnecessary to my development became clearly connected and I was able to understand and integrate them into my playing. He is flexible in his teaching style; he can follow your lead or if you’re not exactly sure where it is you’d like to improve he can help you get to the bottom of those frustrations. Working with him has showed me the bigger picture; allowing me to bridge the gap between guitar player and musician. I would recommend Fraser to anyone; Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
— Kenneth T
Fraser is an excellent tutor who knows how to best boost your progression with guitar. He listened to my goals for guitar and delivered lessons that never made me feel out of my depth, but pushed me enough to feel like I was actually learning. He also creates a very comfortable environment for learning. Overall, I would high recommend.
— Steven T
Excellent lesson from Fraser today. After struggling with terrible rhythm for years, Fraser has helped me get out of my bad habits and back on the path towards building a fun, valuable and enjoyable hobby.
— Grant F.
Had lessons from Fraser a few times. Very supportive and tailors everything to what you need as a player. Top service to anyone, from beginner to experienced.
— Glen M
Emerging from the guitar doldrums with Fraser’s help. He’s knowledgeable, patient and a good communicator. Recommended.
— Gary B
Detailed guitar lessons with lots of consideration. Check him out!
— Sean M
A perfect blend of difficulty and quick progress meant I’ve improved so quickly! Highly recommended! :)
— Hannah L
Fraser is an excellent teacher. Everything is explained clearly and lessons are tailored towards you personally and what you want from learning the guitar. Highly recommended.
— Scott D
Great lessons, bespoke, clear, pitched exactly to your level. Nice balance of challenge and actual progress. Really recommend Fraser.
— John F
Great teacher, very patient and very experienced.
— Olly S
I’ve been learning from Fraser for a few weeks now. He has really good knowledge and I have seen good progression. His lessons provide a good blend of playing and theory and would recommend
— Sourav G